meekisnotweak said:
Okay! -sits and watches patiently-  

-slowly folds his clothes, then Hettie’s-

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meekisnotweak said:
Because I'm with a friend!  

Oh -chuckles- Alright. Well I gotta get this laundry all folded up…

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meekisnotweak said:
-giggles and purrs louder-  

But why are you so happy?

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meekisnotweak said:
Because I'm happy?  

Oh. Huh. Okay.

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Heartless || Kitten, Hettie & Herc



"You won’t be in the way." Ishmael said flatly, as Heracles hovered nervously around the table, "And while it is good that she is honest, it won’t make a difference to the procedure. In fact I can mostly likely take what toxins are in her body and pull them out."

"No fighting. Please. Not right now." Heracles said in a small voice, "After! Talk about it after, please!"

Ah well. 
The morphine. Yes.

"We’ll talk about all this later, okay? Or maybe no at all. New heart, new start. Ishmael - take everything out that does not belong. It’s going to be a whole new life - and this time, I’m not going to just toss it into the trash."

A certain determination, present in both her features and the tone of her voice. She was serious. When her eyes closed so did her hand around the shifter’s, squishing it tightly. “Okay. Go ahead, Ishmael. Now or never.”

He growled and muttered under his breath, “Yeah, that sounds completely fair to me. Obviously.” He didn’t pull his hand away from hers, but he started to feel some ill will about the whole situation. His eyes rested on the far wall of the room and stayed there, unfocused to the surroundings.

meekisnotweak said:
Okay. -purrs-  

Why are you doing that?

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henriettahippo said:
Kitten? Kiiiiiiiiittennn?  


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meekisnotweak said:
-shrugs- Just spend time with you guys, I guess.  

Well you’ll spend time watching me fold clothes, then

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meekisnotweak said:
Ohhh, no--no thank you. That's fine.  

You sure? What else are you going to do here if you won’t have a snack or something?

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